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Koinonia is...

Koinonia Mennonite Church is...

Christ-centered, Bible-based:  Like most Christian churches, we base our beliefs and actions on the Bible...God's Word to humankind.  We place special emphasis on the New Testament, and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Simple and Sincere:  While we are contemporary and urban, our Mennonite heritage teaches us the value of simplicity, humility and an emphasis on non-materialsm.  We sincerely seek to model these values of Christ in our lives and actions.

Non-political:  In Mennonite/Anabaptist tradition, we are a Peace Church and our worship is free of political or nationalistic messages.

Diverse:  We value all people and believe that God wishes people from all nations and walks of life to come to Salvation through Jesus Christ.  You will encounter people from many different walks of life at Koinonia.

Community-Oriented:  'Koinonia' is Greek for 'Fellowship'...if you are looking for a place to belong, you'll find sincere friends to share your walk at Koinonia.

Join us for Sunday worship and study!

2505 N. Dobson Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224
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Worship:   9:30 am
Sunday School: 11:00 am

Dress is informal - come as you are!
All are welcome at Koinonia!
Childcare is provided for worship and Sunday School.

What's Happening...

MYF Recycling Collection
To help the environment, as well as save money for national Mennonite youth convention, our MYF youth group is saving aluminum cans for recycling. Bring your aluminum cans to the church to participate!
"We've made close friends with really sincere Christians at Koinonia!"
- S.F., Koinonia member for 21 years